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Monday, May 23, 2011

Part 40

As the band members disappeared into obscurity it was not the case concerning their musical legacy. This is re dub and film clip from one of their many fans who make the band's music live till this day.

Monday, May 16, 2011

Part 39 Epilogue

The Press went crazy with the story of the band disappearing again.

Some newspapers wrote about it sympathetically, many were convinced it was just another attention seeking promotion by what they claimed now to be the biggest con in showbiz, whilst the remainder just made up stories and began conspiracy theories.

The truth of the matter was David, Marcel and Missy stayed put and helped rebuild the shattered lives of the people of Ethiopia.
Prime Minister Hollowman renewed with the belief he rid himself of a heavy burden went onto set reform and change that his country hadn’t witnessed in years and eventually retired after 3 terms in government and a reputation as a great leader.
The Abbey and the brewery still flourished and large proportions of the profits still went to the charities set up by the band though now a percentage went to support where Marcel, David and Missy were rebuilding.

Ethiopia itself flourished after boys and Missy settled.
A large influx of University graduates returned from Europe and America with a new outlook and started to have an effect on how things were done in the country.
Combined with large mineral and ore discoveries by local companies boosted the economy.
The most fortuitous event was the return of regular weather patterns that ensured crop growth in abundance as a long cycle of droughts was broken.

Prosperity abounded.

It came as a huge shock when Ethiopia invaded Somalia and drove out the war lords with the backing of the British government led by Prime Minister Hollowman and within three years established Somalia as the jewel of the east African coast becoming a new trendy holiday destination and a thriving economy.
Somalia returned to democratic self rule within five years.

Due to Mr. Blanc’s draconian style of running his empire this time around, he left no lieutenants or seconds to take the reins of his growing but yet young company holding and in doing so were easy prey from the competition whilst the rest collapsed.

Shidot Records and Mr. Sincerity continued to make truckloads of money with re-issues and the constant flogging of the Monk Rock brand.
In reality it was more money for the charities.

There was talk of a Stage Show with the story being written by Ben Elton.

David and Missy eventually married after David decided being a monk had some draw backs when it came to celibacy and they lived happily ever after with over a 100 adopted Ethiopian children.

Marcel was content to stay a Monk.

No one ever saw or heard from James ever again, at least not that they admitted it. Sometimes if you passed by Marcel’s lodgings you could swear he was talking and singing with someone in there.

Monday, May 9, 2011

Part 38 Where to now?

Later that evening as it became apparent that no one from the government or the local authorities was going to investigate or even acknowledge what had happened to the campsite of the New Era army. Marcel, David and Missy were sitting around a camp fire assessing what to do next.
Everybody had already revealed that James had led them to safety and assured them it was all over, the balance was restored and he was home, though in reality they had no idea what he was talking about but deep in their hearts they knew they would never see him again.

“Let’s just not go back” announced Marcel
“What just stay here?” asked David
“Why not. We’re more useful here than anywhere else”
“You mean just walk away?”
“Sounds like a plan”

Monday, May 2, 2011

Part 37 Bad cloud rising

The flames rose high and the noise followed a split second after.
A roar like an angry lion not like you’d expect an explosion to sound like at all.
Missy and David looked on in awe as the massive fire ball contracted and a big plume of smoke replaced it and grew larger over the horizon.
Marcel dropped onto his knees and started to pray for the souls who had just been obliterated.

Monday, April 25, 2011

Part 36 The roar of screaming jets

Mr Blanc. waited.

His throbbing head dulled by the fear of the rifles aimed at him from ten paces by four New Era Militiamen.

For a few seconds he heard the screaming roar of the fighter jet

then nothing

ever again.


Monday, April 18, 2011

Part 35 Caught

Mr. Blanc couldn’t believe Hollowman wouldn’t take his call but was more surprised when the New Era slammed his rifle butt into the side of Blanc’s head.
Mr.Blanc awoke and found he was tied to a tree in a field. A soldier was standing above him and reading out a list of crimes.
“What’s going on here you morons” he asked.
“Welcome to your trial, judgment and execution Mr. Blanc” replied the soldier.

Monday, April 11, 2011

Part 34 Relief

Minister Hollowman was sitting at his desk deep in thought while several of his Military Advises awaited his decision. It was a tough one, many lives would be lost but it would be the purpose of a freer world.

“Sir” one of the General’s said “News just in – It seems all the local population have moved out of the target area, that should cut our loses substantially”

“Yes” said The Prime Minister perhaps a little too excitedly. “New Era and Blanc in the same place, no one would criticize us for taking out that garbage – Go ahead gentlemen- do your duty”

Prime Minister Hollowman felt a huge weight lift from atop his shoulders.

Monday, April 4, 2011

Part 33 Means to an end

Mr. Blanc looked up from untying his legs and saw the others had left he ran towards the cave opening and stopped dead in his tracks as he came face to face with the familiar uniforms of the New Era Militiamen, he quickly bolted back into the cave and dialed the satellite phone.

Prime Minister Hollowman felt he had been the Devil’s pawn for too long, he had felt filthy and depressed ever since he had won the election.
The spectre of Mr.Blanc shadowed his entire life and he couldn’t take it any more. He had used his country’s resources for this mad man and it wouldn’t be long before he became so entrenched in his doings that he just couldn’t live with himself anymore.
His soul felt stained.

But this morning something changed.

Much to his own relief, PM Hollowman had woken up this morning with a new lease on his own destiny and felt strongly that the only way to get rid of Mr. Blanc out of his own life was to meet him head on.
Then he really did believe he could make a great Prime Minister for his country.

The new intelligence report from MI6 this morning had been nothing short of prophetic and would be the answer to all his payers. He ordered all local support for Mr. Blanc pulled immediately and unconditionally.

It was when he put the notes down that his assistant said Mr.Blanc was making an emergency call from Africa.

Monday, March 28, 2011

Part 32 An Explanation

Mr.Blanc woke suddenly and immediately tried to sit up, a move he instantly regretted.
His head stung like crazy from the wound where Missy had struck him and his feet were bound which made him lose balance and topple over, increasing the pounding in his head.
He opened his eyes slowly and found the Monks and a vaguely familiar women staring at him.
A quick inspection revealed his gun, knife and satellite phone had been taken from him. For some reason they had left his hands unbound.

“You can’t change things Michael” said James.

“How are you going to stop me?” replied Mr. Blanc

“It’s already been done, mainly through your own doing but mainly because of the way things should be” said James

“Nonsense as usual” Sneered Mr. Blanc “ I know you lost power, I’ve seen it, the way your bands luck has been running out and the Beer company’s fortunes taking a slide and not to mention me coming back. You used me to get rid of that pig Jenning and destroy his army, didn’t you? And in the process took my brother and my life away. But you made a mistake, you wanted to be a human and see what it was like and you liked too much and it’s affected all your plans and all your power. You stuffed up James”

“No, I just took a sight seeing trip Michael, you are an anomaly, some thing the last 100 years has thrown up quite a lot lately. You’re no different to Jenning or Mussolini or Hitler, Stalin, Kennedy and Pol Pot. All were thrown in the natural path of God’s choosing to upset the balance and they had to be dealt with accordingly. I didn’t realise you were as evil as I first thought. I usually like to create something good from the demise of an obstruction but you were different you grew off others evil.
Be grateful I saved David”

“His name is Edward”

“No, it’s David” said David.

“I’m going to destroy you James” said Mr. Blanc making an attempt to untie his bound

Monday, March 21, 2011

Part 31 An Explanation?

Where the hell did they come from?” whispered Missy as she and the boys peeked through the cave.
“Oh they’ve been here for some time, don’t worry, they can’t see us. But they know our friend is somewhere around here.”
“Wouldn’t Blanc have some protection here?” asked David (still not giving any hint of acknowledging Mr.Blanc as his brother)
“You’ll probably find his support no longer exists”
“I don’t understand, and who told these guys?” said David

Monday, March 14, 2011

Part 30 Surprise

Missy stared at the body slumped at her feet and gave a short laugh “I heard you guys were in town but I didn’t expect a reunion like this, all that’s missing is the dead guy Jenning”
“Oh he’s well represented” said James
“What do you mean James?” asked Marcel
“Have a peek outside” he replied

Monday, March 7, 2011

Part 29 Missy - a short review


Missy Pheelyne had had a spiritual moment after the events of the night 5 years ago that saw the arrest of Blanc, the murder of Jenning and the disappearance of James. She left her old lifestyle behind and went to look after her ageing Mother.
Missy spent a happy two years with her Mother and together that reignited their relationship and rediscovered a bond that was long missing. Missy’s mother passed away peacefully and painlessly knowing her daughter was once again her little girl.
Missy then sold everything and joined the missions in Africa knowing she had a calling to answer for the last three years Missy was a coordinator of displaced people for the United Nations.


Some how it didn’t seem odd when she saw Mr. Blanc strutting through the village. He stood out like a sore thumb dressed as he was in a sea of poverty. But the arrival of the three Monks was a bit of a surprise and she knew that trouble couldn’t be far away. The fact that James stared straight at her from a distance of over 200 metres and gave a little wave that could only mean follow me.

Monday, February 28, 2011

Part 28 Missy/Boing

James led them to a cave and without hesitation walked in.
David and Marcel weren’t so confidant and held back.
“Don’t worry, it’s safe” called James and the other two reluctantly followed.
The small entrance opened up into a larger and somehow illuminated chamber.
It looked like it hadn’t been disturbed for some time.
Marcel wondered why such a shelter hadn’t been used, let alone discovered by the hordes of people living in tents and make shift shelters only a hundred metres away outside.
“It’s a special place Marcel” James said reading his thoughts.

“And also your final resting place” came a voice to there left, they all turned to face Mr.Blanc holding a rather large gun at them.
“I don’t think so” said James flatly.
“What gives you so much confidence James” Mr. Blanc emphasised the name James to highlight his awareness of James true being.

“Me” said a voice from behind Mr. Blanc and a loud clunk was heard. Mr. Blanc slumped to the ground to reveal Missy Pheelyne holding a large skillet.

Monday, February 21, 2011

Part 27 Revelations

Marcel was surprised at the poverty of the area James had taken David and himself even though the area looked green and lush. It proved deceptive because the rains had come late and the crops had failed. It was nothing like what he had seen on the Live Aid video from the 1980s.

“Don’t look so worried” said James to Marcel “Things will change. Do you know this is what they call the cradle of humanity?”

“No I didn’t” replied Marcel

‘Yes, mankind started his migration all around the world from this spot, it is like an epicentre of all things human, almost like ground zero. It is a place where things can happen- that change the entire turn of events for the whole planet”

“Did you know it was once called Abyssinia and even controlled Egypt during the Twenty Fifth Dynasty. Portugal, England, Italy, Germany, Russia and many others have tried to rule her but none succeeded even though She is considered one of the world’s poorest countries. It has also never been dominated by any one religion“

“I wonder why?” David said, more to join the conversation rather than being interested.

“Because I wouldn’t let them” replied James.

Monday, February 14, 2011

Part 26 The past is resurrected

The New Era had suffered greatly when it’s leader Hugh Jenning was assassinated by Mr. Blanc, but with the determination of his many lieutenants the organization regrouped in Northern Africa.

Recruiting from the many Right Wing extremists groups that had sprung up all over Europe the NE had swelled in numbers and kept a strategic base in Ethiopia. This was perfect for the Group as it had low to zero worries about government interference or surveillance from western governments.

New Era still held true all of Hugh Jenning’s beliefs and were going to restore order in Africa with visions of taking over the whole Northern half of the continent. It’s support was clandestine but powerful and it had two main agendas: White control of Africa and the eventual capture and trial of Michael (Mr.) Blanc assassin of their martyred leader Hugh Jenning.

Monday, February 7, 2011

Part 25 Previously...

Mr. Blanc had arrived in Ethiopia several days ahead of the band and was setting up his plans to take back and destroy the Epiphany Stone.
He was well aware of where it came from as he had spent years researching and had actually removed it from its resting place only to be used by the stone to further it’s own plans for humanity.
Mr. Blanc believed he could beat the E Stone.
Mr. Blanc had no idea how wrong he was.

Monday, January 31, 2011

Part 24 Exploring

When the band arrived at Addis Ababa Airport they were 5 days ahead of the tour schedule and were now planning ways to fill in this time constructively.
Marcel knew exactly what he wanted to do – for years he longed to do missionary work in the field and wanted to visit the missions and encampments of the displaced populations. He wanted to see in person where he could direct large chunks of his vast personal fortune.
James took him by the arm and said
“I know exactly the place”

Monday, January 24, 2011

Part 23 Great Ambitions

Mr. Blanc was quite proud of his operations so far. In no time he would have the Monks exactly where he needed them to be. It’s amazing what a bit of money and a Prime Minister in your pocket can achieve. The coups and unrest in Harare and Nairobi were all a stunt thanks to a few phone calls by Prime Minister Hollowman to M16 and the ruse was in action.
Mr. Blanc liked what he found in the Central African republics. Lots of ambitious men willing to accommodate any man who showed he possessed power and influence.
“Who knows? One day he might come back and do it for real. It would be nice to run your own Country” thought Mr. Blanc.

Monday, January 17, 2011

Part 22 A Short stop

The bands stay in Zimbabwe was cut to only 2 hours when their plane was told to leave because all their visas were no longer valid under the new Government coming to terms with it’s function and roles. It seemed all the bands equipment had been unloaded the day before and was currently impounded until some one who understood the new customs laws could be found. Many phone calls were made and the Mr. Sincerity had arranged for an Events specialist to take on the responsibility of the Ethiopian leg of the tour.
“Ethiopia?” asked Marcel “What happened to Kenya?”

“Kenya’s just got it self a new Government as well , much to the surprise of the old government” replied David without taking his eyes from his book.

“We’re not going to get much singing happening at this rate” sighed Marcel

“As expected” said James who the others thought was still napping.

“Ethiopia should be a different story I believe” James said and within seconds began snoring again.

Monday, January 10, 2011

Part 21 The tour begins

Marcel was a bit put off about traveling in the band jet, it always seemed to conflict with his vow of poverty. Even that was a massive contradiction, Marcel knew because of his circumstance that he would never be poor materially or spiritually especially with James. One day he would stop thinking about it and be happy for himself. David of course didn’t care and was happy going over the figures and arrangement of tour and even though he knew it was a lost cause he used that fact to try and make it less non profitable, more like a game than a challenge, while James lay asleep at the back of the plane.

James had taken to sleeping 18 hours most days just to preserve his strength. The others were used to it and deflected concerns from Mr. Sincerity, Doctors and Security staff. Marcel was probably affected most because he couldn’t sing as often as he wanted. But everybody had to make sacrifices.

The first leg of the tour was Zimbabwe, though there had been some problems pre and post election the tour was welcomed because the band’s largest fan base out side of South Africa was in Harare.

When they landed at Harare International Airport it was unusual not to find a massive crowd of fans to push through, it however wasn’t that pleasant having all those fans replaced with angry men with guns.

Monday, January 3, 2011

Part 20 Dangerous Liaison

Transcription of telephone conversation: 15.32 : 15 September 2015

Mr. Sincerity: I know it’s late in the planning but is there anything you can do?
Speaker: There are options available

Mr. Sincerity: I don’t want to know what they are and nobody, I repeat NOBODY is to be hurt in the slightest way , I just want the tour to be abandoned.

Speaker: So you want it to appear as if it was an outside influence?

Mr. Sincerity: Yes, let the tour start then do what ever you need to do. I’d rather lose early than go bust at the end, who knows if you’re as good as you say you are maybe we should have a legitimate Insurance claim.

Speaker: We know our business well Mr. Sincerity, don’t worry. Africa can be a unpredictable place at the best of times, we have friends we can call on to make chaos a little more controllable, if you get my drift.

Mr. Sincerity: Well no I don’t and I don’t want too know just handle it and make sure the boys are protected. That is what you were hired to do originally and is still your main concern. Understood?

Speaker: Crystal Mr. Sincerity. I will be in touch.

As he hang up the phone Mr Blanc was surprised how easy everything was working in his favour.

That was his biggest mistake.