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Monday, November 22, 2010

Part 14 The Plan

Mr Sincerity was amazed – not at the mass hysteria the band had generated due to the reformation – but amazed what he was holding and what he had just heard.
In his hand was the cover of the next I.Q=∞ album, it was a reworking of the Beatles Classic Sgt. Peppers, he could live with that it had been done plenty of times before. The music, the band had decided to move into a whole new direction.

“It’s our Sgt Peppers” said James

Mr Sincerity was wondering if James was still suffering from whatever it was that made him disappear.
James was confident and so were the Marcel and David that what the had produced would satisfy the fans. Mr Sincerity had doubts.
Then they hit him with the biggest bombshell.
No tours of The States, Europe, Japan or Australia, The band were touring the Middle East, Central Africa and the Far East.

Mr Sincerity could see the millions of dollars disappearing before his eyes

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