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Monday, February 21, 2011

Part 27 Revelations

Marcel was surprised at the poverty of the area James had taken David and himself even though the area looked green and lush. It proved deceptive because the rains had come late and the crops had failed. It was nothing like what he had seen on the Live Aid video from the 1980s.

“Don’t look so worried” said James to Marcel “Things will change. Do you know this is what they call the cradle of humanity?”

“No I didn’t” replied Marcel

‘Yes, mankind started his migration all around the world from this spot, it is like an epicentre of all things human, almost like ground zero. It is a place where things can happen- that change the entire turn of events for the whole planet”

“Did you know it was once called Abyssinia and even controlled Egypt during the Twenty Fifth Dynasty. Portugal, England, Italy, Germany, Russia and many others have tried to rule her but none succeeded even though She is considered one of the world’s poorest countries. It has also never been dominated by any one religion“

“I wonder why?” David said, more to join the conversation rather than being interested.

“Because I wouldn’t let them” replied James.

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