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Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Part 13 -Mr. Sincerity & David's dilemma

Mr .Sincerity sought out David through the Engineer and arranged a meeting.
He was shocked when David arrived at the meeting dressed in his monk robes complete with hood covering his face.
Mr. Sincerity explained the importance of his record company SHIDOT PRODUCTIONS signing the group of musicians he heard on the tape.
TO Mr. Sincerity it was the greatest thing to happen to popular music in last 5 years.
The more Mr. Sincerity raved, the more ideas and solutions to potential problems bounced around inside his head.
They could be rich, powerful and popular except for some important points.
Marcel and James would never leave the Abbey.
The additional track was not even them playing.
How would David incorporate himself into the group?
How would they stay anonymous?
How would he make all this work?
After the meeting with Mr.. Sincerity of Shidot Records David started researching all his options.
Mr. Sincerity had asked how many were in the group? David couldn’t tell him two marvelous voices and an ancient backing tape.
Did they have an angle? He thought the outfits were a nifty marketing angle.
Did they have more material? He could arrange studio time at a moments notice.
All these problems were of no major concern to David because coming from the back of his mind was one over riding sound:
He’d find a way.

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