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Monday, January 10, 2011

Part 21 The tour begins

Marcel was a bit put off about traveling in the band jet, it always seemed to conflict with his vow of poverty. Even that was a massive contradiction, Marcel knew because of his circumstance that he would never be poor materially or spiritually especially with James. One day he would stop thinking about it and be happy for himself. David of course didn’t care and was happy going over the figures and arrangement of tour and even though he knew it was a lost cause he used that fact to try and make it less non profitable, more like a game than a challenge, while James lay asleep at the back of the plane.

James had taken to sleeping 18 hours most days just to preserve his strength. The others were used to it and deflected concerns from Mr. Sincerity, Doctors and Security staff. Marcel was probably affected most because he couldn’t sing as often as he wanted. But everybody had to make sacrifices.

The first leg of the tour was Zimbabwe, though there had been some problems pre and post election the tour was welcomed because the band’s largest fan base out side of South Africa was in Harare.

When they landed at Harare International Airport it was unusual not to find a massive crowd of fans to push through, it however wasn’t that pleasant having all those fans replaced with angry men with guns.

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