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Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Part 41 - The Performance

Mr Blanc was pleasantly surprised when he arrived at the post tour party with Boris and his partner, (some scrubber he picked up on tour no doubt) there was a air of sophistication about it all.
The guest list was just pages ripped out of “Who’s Who” .
There would be some good contacts here Mr. Blanc thought to himself.
After being at the party for a couple of minutes one thing became apparent.
Everyone had come to hear the “God boys” sing.
When the time came for their special performance the ballroom floor was a crush of tuxedos and evening gowns.

During the song performed by the band Mr Blanc found himself concentrating on the Monk named David, there was something about him Mr. Blanc found very familiar.
Mr Blanc focused on him so intensely that he didn’t notice the zombie like stupor of those surrounding him in the audience.
Hugh Jenning’s technicians pinpointed Mr. Blanc out as the only person in the ballroom not effected by the frequencies emitting from the bands altered equipment.
“that’s our guy” said Hugh Jenning and ordered his assistants to bring Mr. Blanc to his parlour.

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