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Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Part 45 - The way things are & the way things should be.

When the Police were taking a handcuffed Mr. Blanc out to the vehicles, David and Marcel were in the ballroom awaiting clearance to leave; both had their hoods removed.
Mr.Blanc lifted his head as he passed and instantly recognized the Monk he suspected he knew.
“Edward?” he asked in disbelief.
“Michael I’m so sorry” said David/Edward.
Mr. Bland then recognized the epiphany stone in Marcel’s hand and everything made sense. The stories of the stone were true, he would never own it, it had used him.
“Don’t be Edward, it was how it was meant to be, I feel it’s found it’s true owner” he replied to Edward whilst nodding towards Marcel.
As Mr Blanc was taken outside Edward turned to Marcel confused and asked.
“What do think he meant Marcel?”
“I think your brother found penance for his sins David”
“Edward” David corrected
“No. David” Marcel said, and again he was.

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