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Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Part 32 -Missy's Misadventure

Missy Pheelyne had made it back stage; these security guys were amateurs when it came to a true professional who’d weaselled her way back into concert dressing rooms for more than half her life.
Missy was pretending to be a technician with the stage lighting crew , She slipped into the performers lounge ignoring the large “Off Limits” sign stuck to the door. The room was abandoned except for David, still in robes watching the football on a huge flat screen television.
“Hello” she purred.
“Hello” David said looking around registering Missy’s presence then returning to the screen.
“No I meant Hello” Missy cried and ripped open her shirt exposing her breast.
David turned and gasped then his eyes focused on something that made his heart jump, then yelled at the top of his voice.
“Boris, get in here immediately”
Boris burst through a side door saw Missy and grabbed her arms roughly, Missy yelled in pain.
David walked over to the girl reached out and pulled the key off the chain that hung from her neck.
The one revealed when she exposed her breasts.
“Where did you get this?” David asked
“In Paris at the train station” Missy whimpered
“Boris, we’re off to France, now. And miss you’re coming with us”

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