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Monday, September 20, 2010

Part 5 Mr. Blanc

Mr Blanc wasn’t quite sure when he started to feel less dull and listless, it was a gradual dawning.
With every day he asked himself with more conviction.

“Why am I here? Why have I done this to myself?”

He was aware of his situation and knew he needed the protection that his solitary confinement gave him. There were many a crim in here who would give anything for five minutes alone with the world’s greatest supergrass.

He knew he had to wait, think clearly, gather strength and most of all plan.

Interesting developments had started to dribble in via his cell television and with it the fierce anger of recovering 5 years stolen from him by one bad decision.
As the thick cloud cleared that seemed to hide his emotions and memory, he thought of his brother Edward , he knew he had disappeared but he was sure they were reunited briefly, he also had nagging thoughts about red stones but most of all he thought about putting a bullet in Hugh Jenning’s head.

Why? He kept asking himself. Sure he was a nut case but there was a lot of money to be made with that guy. If he had wanted to get rid of him there were a dozen people at his beck and call that he only had to snap his fingers to accomplish that.

As every day passed Mr. Blanc’s mind grew clearer and he became angrier and started to formulate his revenge.

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