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Monday, January 3, 2011

Part 20 Dangerous Liaison

Transcription of telephone conversation: 15.32 : 15 September 2015

Mr. Sincerity: I know it’s late in the planning but is there anything you can do?
Speaker: There are options available

Mr. Sincerity: I don’t want to know what they are and nobody, I repeat NOBODY is to be hurt in the slightest way , I just want the tour to be abandoned.

Speaker: So you want it to appear as if it was an outside influence?

Mr. Sincerity: Yes, let the tour start then do what ever you need to do. I’d rather lose early than go bust at the end, who knows if you’re as good as you say you are maybe we should have a legitimate Insurance claim.

Speaker: We know our business well Mr. Sincerity, don’t worry. Africa can be a unpredictable place at the best of times, we have friends we can call on to make chaos a little more controllable, if you get my drift.

Mr. Sincerity: Well no I don’t and I don’t want too know just handle it and make sure the boys are protected. That is what you were hired to do originally and is still your main concern. Understood?

Speaker: Crystal Mr. Sincerity. I will be in touch.

As he hang up the phone Mr Blanc was surprised how easy everything was working in his favour.

That was his biggest mistake.

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