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Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Part 21 - Meanwhile in Paris Part 2

Missy Pheelyne has the reputation as the world’s most infamous groupie.
Since just before her 17th birthday she had travelled the world using her talents to live a lifestyle many would die for.
For years Missy’s philosophy had been simple: you give a little and take a lot. Use those that use you.
The majority of the times were a blast but every now and again things turned sour.
Like now for instance.
Stuck in a train station in Paris and trying to get back to London before Saturday because the Rolling Stones Wives had for the first time in history enforced a “No concubine” clause in the tour schedule.
How the mighty had fallen she thought.
It was time for a change, a bigger challenge. Rock stars today were so predictable and she already had a new target. One which would make her some serious cash with the Gossip Mags. She mulled this over as she played with the key she had found in the locker rooms (it would make a pretty necklace she thought earlier) and planned her next conquest.

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