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Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Part 27 - Pre Tour organization

The response and demand of the I.Q=∞ recording had pushed demand for the band into the stratosphere.
So it was planned to do a huge European and American tour over the Northern summer.
Everybody wanted to know or get a piece of the monks from the Abbey but their privacy was a well guarded secret, not just from the fans and general public but also those they did business with.
David- who had his own self interest at

heart- was ever vigilant and never let his guard down.
Soon offers for sponsorship came flooding in and most people were wondering how one of the main contracts was awarded to an obscure little brewery in the south of France.
It was Hugh Jenning who made David sit up and listen.
Jenning’s NE Group was willing to finance the entire tour on two continents and then guarantee a minimum after tax profit of fifteen percent. He wasn’t even going to insist on branding all he wanted was to bring his research crew and equipment and observe the crowds while making a documentary film of the tour.
Jenning was quite happy to respect the boy’s privacy and not demand to meet them in person. Jenning’s reasoning was that the band would return him commercial exposure, marketing information and profit regardless.
Little did the boys know that Hugh Jenning would have tripled the amount if he had to get on board this tour and the valuable information he would glean from it.

Mr Jenning and his equipment intimidated the members of the band.

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