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Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Part 1 A new Beginning 5 years later

Five years seemed to pass like water under the bridge. The world kept turning and old pop bands were replaced with new pop bands. Some went the way of the Dodo while others burnt so brightly their afterglow continued long after they stopped making music.
I.Q=∞’s fan base seemed to grow as the years passed, record sales were still healthy and the memorabilia market showed no signs of slowing down thanks to the ever resourceful Mr Sincerity and his Shidot label.

One of the many re-issues from Shidot Records

A statue commerating the bands popularity in a London park

One of the keys to the band’s beatlesque fame was due to their identities never being revealed, the bands unique style of music and the mystique surrounding their eventual break up and reclusive lifestyle.

Because of the nature of James’ disappearance and the reoccurring sightings reported in the tabloid press there was an ever present hope of one day the band reforming if he ever made his presence known.

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