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Monday, September 27, 2010

Part 6 Introducing Prime Minister Hollowman

w Prime Minister had romped in the election not on policy or popularity but on the basis that the former government was hated for its unpopular policies and arrogant attitude.
A toy puppet could have been elected and in some cases this was true of the new Prime Minister.

Having started his political career in the more militant unions he was always going to be exposed to some criminal element. Mr Blanc had helped the Prime Minister in his early years sometimes to cover up some minor indiscretions that could hurt his ambitions, of course these all came at a price.

The Prime Minister was had gone on to fulfill his goals but in reality he was an empty soul who stood for nothing, he loved the attention and the perks the powerful position was not what he craved it was the fact he could do it.

Mr Blanc was a man of vision and very patient but he also remembered who owed what and he knew exactly when he was ready to call in a favour.

The Prime Minister had no idea his debt was soon to be called in.

An early suppressed picture of Prime Minister Hollowman and Mr. Blanc prior to the events that led to their ascension and fall.

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