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Monday, March 7, 2011

Part 29 Missy - a short review


Missy Pheelyne had had a spiritual moment after the events of the night 5 years ago that saw the arrest of Blanc, the murder of Jenning and the disappearance of James. She left her old lifestyle behind and went to look after her ageing Mother.
Missy spent a happy two years with her Mother and together that reignited their relationship and rediscovered a bond that was long missing. Missy’s mother passed away peacefully and painlessly knowing her daughter was once again her little girl.
Missy then sold everything and joined the missions in Africa knowing she had a calling to answer for the last three years Missy was a coordinator of displaced people for the United Nations.


Some how it didn’t seem odd when she saw Mr. Blanc strutting through the village. He stood out like a sore thumb dressed as he was in a sea of poverty. But the arrival of the three Monks was a bit of a surprise and she knew that trouble couldn’t be far away. The fact that James stared straight at her from a distance of over 200 metres and gave a little wave that could only mean follow me.

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