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Monday, March 28, 2011

Part 32 An Explanation

Mr.Blanc woke suddenly and immediately tried to sit up, a move he instantly regretted.
His head stung like crazy from the wound where Missy had struck him and his feet were bound which made him lose balance and topple over, increasing the pounding in his head.
He opened his eyes slowly and found the Monks and a vaguely familiar women staring at him.
A quick inspection revealed his gun, knife and satellite phone had been taken from him. For some reason they had left his hands unbound.

“You can’t change things Michael” said James.

“How are you going to stop me?” replied Mr. Blanc

“It’s already been done, mainly through your own doing but mainly because of the way things should be” said James

“Nonsense as usual” Sneered Mr. Blanc “ I know you lost power, I’ve seen it, the way your bands luck has been running out and the Beer company’s fortunes taking a slide and not to mention me coming back. You used me to get rid of that pig Jenning and destroy his army, didn’t you? And in the process took my brother and my life away. But you made a mistake, you wanted to be a human and see what it was like and you liked too much and it’s affected all your plans and all your power. You stuffed up James”

“No, I just took a sight seeing trip Michael, you are an anomaly, some thing the last 100 years has thrown up quite a lot lately. You’re no different to Jenning or Mussolini or Hitler, Stalin, Kennedy and Pol Pot. All were thrown in the natural path of God’s choosing to upset the balance and they had to be dealt with accordingly. I didn’t realise you were as evil as I first thought. I usually like to create something good from the demise of an obstruction but you were different you grew off others evil.
Be grateful I saved David”

“His name is Edward”

“No, it’s David” said David.

“I’m going to destroy you James” said Mr. Blanc making an attempt to untie his bound

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