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Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Part 34 -Missy's discovery

Missy hadn’t managed to get close to the Monk David , he seemed totally consumed by other thoughts.
Probably praying thought Missy.
So Missy capitalized on the attention she was receiving from Boris , from that moment on she kept Boris company in his relatively easy job of minding David.
She suddenly became somebody again, Boris’ subordinates treating her very nicely in case they upset Boris.
Though Boris did his best to give as much attention to Missy as he could, he was ever vigilant of what and where the band members were constantly, and when he wasn’t doing that he was on the phone talking to his boss the mysterious Mr Blanc.
It was during one of these conversations when Boris had left the room to talk about some “issues” that Missy decided to look through Boris’ drawers to elevate the boredom. Hidden in a sock in the draw next to the bed she discovered the most glorious stone she had ever seen. Without thinking she picked up the stone and placed it in her handbag and waited for Boris to come back and smother her with attention.

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