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Monday, May 23, 2011

Part 40

As the band members disappeared into obscurity it was not the case concerning their musical legacy. This is re dub and film clip from one of their many fans who make the band's music live till this day.

Monday, May 16, 2011

Part 39 Epilogue

The Press went crazy with the story of the band disappearing again.

Some newspapers wrote about it sympathetically, many were convinced it was just another attention seeking promotion by what they claimed now to be the biggest con in showbiz, whilst the remainder just made up stories and began conspiracy theories.

The truth of the matter was David, Marcel and Missy stayed put and helped rebuild the shattered lives of the people of Ethiopia.
Prime Minister Hollowman renewed with the belief he rid himself of a heavy burden went onto set reform and change that his country hadn’t witnessed in years and eventually retired after 3 terms in government and a reputation as a great leader.
The Abbey and the brewery still flourished and large proportions of the profits still went to the charities set up by the band though now a percentage went to support where Marcel, David and Missy were rebuilding.

Ethiopia itself flourished after boys and Missy settled.
A large influx of University graduates returned from Europe and America with a new outlook and started to have an effect on how things were done in the country.
Combined with large mineral and ore discoveries by local companies boosted the economy.
The most fortuitous event was the return of regular weather patterns that ensured crop growth in abundance as a long cycle of droughts was broken.

Prosperity abounded.

It came as a huge shock when Ethiopia invaded Somalia and drove out the war lords with the backing of the British government led by Prime Minister Hollowman and within three years established Somalia as the jewel of the east African coast becoming a new trendy holiday destination and a thriving economy.
Somalia returned to democratic self rule within five years.

Due to Mr. Blanc’s draconian style of running his empire this time around, he left no lieutenants or seconds to take the reins of his growing but yet young company holding and in doing so were easy prey from the competition whilst the rest collapsed.

Shidot Records and Mr. Sincerity continued to make truckloads of money with re-issues and the constant flogging of the Monk Rock brand.
In reality it was more money for the charities.

There was talk of a Stage Show with the story being written by Ben Elton.

David and Missy eventually married after David decided being a monk had some draw backs when it came to celibacy and they lived happily ever after with over a 100 adopted Ethiopian children.

Marcel was content to stay a Monk.

No one ever saw or heard from James ever again, at least not that they admitted it. Sometimes if you passed by Marcel’s lodgings you could swear he was talking and singing with someone in there.

Monday, May 9, 2011

Part 38 Where to now?

Later that evening as it became apparent that no one from the government or the local authorities was going to investigate or even acknowledge what had happened to the campsite of the New Era army. Marcel, David and Missy were sitting around a camp fire assessing what to do next.
Everybody had already revealed that James had led them to safety and assured them it was all over, the balance was restored and he was home, though in reality they had no idea what he was talking about but deep in their hearts they knew they would never see him again.

“Let’s just not go back” announced Marcel
“What just stay here?” asked David
“Why not. We’re more useful here than anywhere else”
“You mean just walk away?”
“Sounds like a plan”

Monday, May 2, 2011

Part 37 Bad cloud rising

The flames rose high and the noise followed a split second after.
A roar like an angry lion not like you’d expect an explosion to sound like at all.
Missy and David looked on in awe as the massive fire ball contracted and a big plume of smoke replaced it and grew larger over the horizon.
Marcel dropped onto his knees and started to pray for the souls who had just been obliterated.

Monday, April 25, 2011

Part 36 The roar of screaming jets

Mr Blanc. waited.

His throbbing head dulled by the fear of the rifles aimed at him from ten paces by four New Era Militiamen.

For a few seconds he heard the screaming roar of the fighter jet

then nothing

ever again.


Monday, April 18, 2011

Part 35 Caught

Mr. Blanc couldn’t believe Hollowman wouldn’t take his call but was more surprised when the New Era slammed his rifle butt into the side of Blanc’s head.
Mr.Blanc awoke and found he was tied to a tree in a field. A soldier was standing above him and reading out a list of crimes.
“What’s going on here you morons” he asked.
“Welcome to your trial, judgment and execution Mr. Blanc” replied the soldier.