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Monday, December 27, 2010

Part 19 Mr. Sincerity's worries

“What on earth are you touring central Africa for?”

Mr Sincerity was pacing his office talking a bit too loudly at the speaker phone. No matter how urgent or private he could never bring himself to actually sit down and pick up the receiver.

“Have you any idea the cost of such an exercise, let alone the danger and for what? Small crowds and a loss on every country visited. Can’t we at least include South Africa into the Itinerary to make up our losses?”

There was no reply forthcoming from the telephone speaker that had been taped together from the times Mr Sincerity had thrown it on the floor in the last couple of days. It was currently screwed to his very expensive desk.

“Hello” Mr Sincerity asked after a couple more seconds of silence. He started to fret had he gone too far this time with his tone and frustration.

“Are you finished Mr Sincerity?” came a calm voice.

“James” thought Mr Sincerity , why couldn’t it be David. At least David knew how to make a dollar or two. “Yes, sorry James it’s just frustrating, I’m in the business of making money not charity like you.”

“No one loses here Mr Sincerity, you have my word on that. There is a bigger picture to view here and I remind you to keep that in mind”

There was a click over the speaker signaling the end of the teleconference.
Mr Sincerity felt both dread and confidant. A strange combination. James’ words made him feel as if everything was going to be fine, how did he convey that calming effect over a piece of wire and a speaker, but just as worrying was the warning at the end, it carried its own measure of menace.

What was so damn important about touring Africa?

Monday, December 20, 2010

Part 18 Mr. Blanc's new life part 2

All of this building was part of Mr Blanc’s masterplan

MR. Blanc had now established where his brother was, it all came back not long after his release. Why or even how Edward had become a Monk and a singing one at that had confounded him at first.
He remembered the first time he had seen his brother after he had disappeared after using him to smuggle precious stones into the country.

And one precious stone in particular.

When Mr.Blanc’s mind finally connected the final piece of his memory puzzle he understood everything completely. He was well aware of the power the Epiphany Stone possessed and he had been a victim of his own greed and power. The way his brother looked through him the night he was arrested still sent chills up his spine. He knew that his brother was lost to him now and the Epiphany stone was behind all the good fortune that had bestowed Edward and the other Monks. He really only had one purpose now that overshadowed all his other plans.

Destroy the Epiphany Stone and anyone who got in his way to achieve this.

Monday, December 13, 2010

Part 17 Mr. Blanc's new life Part 1

Things like that happen when you have your own pet Prime Minister.
Mr. Blanc had managed to stay out of the limelight and the tabloid press with a combination of stealth, threats and new laws introduced by the present Parliament.
These laws forbid speculative stories by Fleet Street and a total banning of unauthorized photography outside registered and gazetted events. This of course crushed the Paparazzi and was hailed by the rich, powerful and most importantly famous, such as rock stars and movie stars. Though it was predicted it would kill the gossip Magazine industry it in actual fact brought more celebrities to Britain because of the powerful privacy laws. Which in turn forced all studios to present Cinema Premiers in London and other major towns because no one would go where the Paparazzi were tolerated.
It was a boom for fashion, style and trends in London and England became the centre of all things fashionable.
Mr.Blanc also reopened his security business and soon was the largest and most prestigious company offering protection to the rich and famous in Europe.
This also had it’s benefits because being this close to such people opened up a lot of doors and opportunities, especially those involving drugs, blackmail and theft.

Monday, December 6, 2010

Part 16 Getting ready to tour

The boys have to brush off the cobwebs before they tour.
The irony is that they are touring places where their records never sold or where never released.

Monday, November 22, 2010

Part 14 The Plan

Mr Sincerity was amazed – not at the mass hysteria the band had generated due to the reformation – but amazed what he was holding and what he had just heard.
In his hand was the cover of the next I.Q=∞ album, it was a reworking of the Beatles Classic Sgt. Peppers, he could live with that it had been done plenty of times before. The music, the band had decided to move into a whole new direction.

“It’s our Sgt Peppers” said James

Mr Sincerity was wondering if James was still suffering from whatever it was that made him disappear.
James was confident and so were the Marcel and David that what the had produced would satisfy the fans. Mr Sincerity had doubts.
Then they hit him with the biggest bombshell.
No tours of The States, Europe, Japan or Australia, The band were touring the Middle East, Central Africa and the Far East.

Mr Sincerity could see the millions of dollars disappearing before his eyes

Monday, November 15, 2010

Part 13 Surprises abound

The band were more surprised than the organizers when a simple Shopping Centre promotion turned into the biggest crowd seen for some time for a non event.
When asked what the band had in store for the expectant fans James replied:
"Something like you've never heard before, I think you'll like it"
James said it with such conviction and confidence that you were compelled to believe him.
He of course knew it to be true because that's the way he intended it.
Any questions asked about James 5 year disappearance where ignored and the topic quickly changed.

Monday, November 8, 2010

Part 12 They're back

News hit the music world of James return and the the band’s reformation FAST.
Journalists went into a panic to find out more for an information hungry public.

The most excited person on the planet was Mr. Sincerity, his life took on a whole new meaning now that the boys were back together, no more flogging a dead horse; he had fresh new exciting music to flog.
He was in for a surprise.
Another person who showed great interest in the band’s reformation was one MR Blanc, now rapidly becoming one of the richest men in Britain due to some canny deals, favours returned and just plain good luck.
The one nagging mystery that had not revealed itself after his imprisonment had something to do with THAT band.

Monday, November 1, 2010

Part 11 A surprise visit and announcement

Marcel called David up to his room for a meeting, he had lots of concerns.
Marcel was worried the E Stone had grown dull and it didn’t sing anymore, he was also worried about David. David was cranky due to problems with the Brewery and Marcel was sure he knew his brother had been released by now and that must be affecting his mood as well.
They needed to get together alone and talk about it.
David still wore his cassock to the office and never let the duties of the company take precedent over Abbey duties but when he walked into the room Marcel could tell he was carrying a heavy burden.
They made small talk and Marcel tried to get David to open up when there was a knock on the door.
“Who could that be “ said David “ I left instructions that there be no interruptions”
“I’ll check anyway” said Marcel.
Marcel opened the door to the happy smiling face of James
With arms outstretched James said “Time to get the band back together Brothers”


Monday, October 25, 2010

Part 10 Troubles at work

David really didn’t pay much attention to the popular press mainly the business section when he had time, and since the news of MR Blanc early release was more local London news the release of his brother went un noticed. What David had of noticed was the down turn in brewery business caused by a few investments turned sour and the spate of bureaucratic hurdles the company was encountering in foreign countries.

Monday, October 18, 2010

Part 9 Mr. Blanc is released

It happened like magic. Mr Blanc woke up and knew how to fix his plight. The veil that covered his thought had been lifted.

Mr Blanc set the wheels in motion almost immediately. First a letter to a journalist who wouldn’t dare let him down and then contact with Prime Minister Hollowman.

That should get some speedy results.

And he was right………….

Mr. Blanc was released later that month.

Monday, October 11, 2010

Part 8 The Epiphany stones makes a decision.

The E Stone had always been able to manipulate mankind from its cradle in Africa. The climate and the vastness seemed to make it more aware of its surroundings.

The Epiphany stone knew it wasn’t as strong as it had been in the past, losing the human form of James had helped , so to had the company of Marcel and the Abbey but it knew it was only getting weaker.

The climate was one factor, the moderate climate of the North of France was always going to be a drain ; this and the constant good luck of David and the incarceration of Mr Blanc had brought it down to new lows. It could feel things giving way, one major problem was that it was sure if it had control anymore?

Drastic action had to be taken to correct the balance and it meant letting go and formulating a new plan.

Monday, October 4, 2010

Part 7 Marcel notices something

Marcel had been noticing for some time now that the Epiphany Stone didn’t shine as brightly and its voice was never as clear or as loud as it had been when he first held it.

It was like it was going out.

Monday, September 27, 2010

Part 6 Introducing Prime Minister Hollowman

w Prime Minister had romped in the election not on policy or popularity but on the basis that the former government was hated for its unpopular policies and arrogant attitude.
A toy puppet could have been elected and in some cases this was true of the new Prime Minister.

Having started his political career in the more militant unions he was always going to be exposed to some criminal element. Mr Blanc had helped the Prime Minister in his early years sometimes to cover up some minor indiscretions that could hurt his ambitions, of course these all came at a price.

The Prime Minister was had gone on to fulfill his goals but in reality he was an empty soul who stood for nothing, he loved the attention and the perks the powerful position was not what he craved it was the fact he could do it.

Mr Blanc was a man of vision and very patient but he also remembered who owed what and he knew exactly when he was ready to call in a favour.

The Prime Minister had no idea his debt was soon to be called in.

An early suppressed picture of Prime Minister Hollowman and Mr. Blanc prior to the events that led to their ascension and fall.

Monday, September 20, 2010

Part 5 Mr. Blanc

Mr Blanc wasn’t quite sure when he started to feel less dull and listless, it was a gradual dawning.
With every day he asked himself with more conviction.

“Why am I here? Why have I done this to myself?”

He was aware of his situation and knew he needed the protection that his solitary confinement gave him. There were many a crim in here who would give anything for five minutes alone with the world’s greatest supergrass.

He knew he had to wait, think clearly, gather strength and most of all plan.

Interesting developments had started to dribble in via his cell television and with it the fierce anger of recovering 5 years stolen from him by one bad decision.
As the thick cloud cleared that seemed to hide his emotions and memory, he thought of his brother Edward , he knew he had disappeared but he was sure they were reunited briefly, he also had nagging thoughts about red stones but most of all he thought about putting a bullet in Hugh Jenning’s head.

Why? He kept asking himself. Sure he was a nut case but there was a lot of money to be made with that guy. If he had wanted to get rid of him there were a dozen people at his beck and call that he only had to snap his fingers to accomplish that.

As every day passed Mr. Blanc’s mind grew clearer and he became angrier and started to formulate his revenge.

Monday, September 13, 2010

Part 4 The Epiphany Stone - an explanation

The Epiphany Stone had done its task and was happy that the natural course of events where heading in the line they were supposed to.

After all that ‘s what it’s job was – to correct anomalies in the path.
Hugh Jenning was one of these.

An individual with the power and influence to steer the course of history in a way that upset the guiding light, it had happened many times in the history of the world.
Napoleon was one, Alexander another. These last 200 years had thrown up far too many.
These Europeans were not as civilised as the made themselves out to be.
Sometimes it was the lesser of two evils – Hitler over Mussolini for instance.

The world would never know the alternative, and for this they should be grateful.
There were many hints in the past and also written records that the Epiphany stone existed, to many it was a myth or a conspiracy theory, but to those in power it was a cold hard fact that it was the ultimate weapon and to control it was to control the destiny of Mankind.
This time the conspiracies theorists were right, the governments of the world did suppress it’s existence but no one really did know much about it.
The Epiphany stone was a force upon itself.

Examples of ancient art depicting the Epiphany stone with great leaders and great battles.
Many of these have been hidden from historians and suppressed by the Governments, Kings and Tyrants through the ages.

Monday, September 6, 2010

Part 3 Marcel

Marcel had relished living in the Abbey, after his brief fling with fame he was happy to be back to do what he loved to most – sing and help others.

Many thought the departure of James would have torn young Marcel’s heart out with grief, but they weren’t aware Marcel had the secret revealed to him by the Epiphany stone.
Marcel probably was the only human who actually knew the secret of James disappearance and the role he played in history’s path through the power of the stone and he wasn’t in a hurry to tell anyone.
The money that the band and the brewery brought to the Abbey meant that it could provide assistance and funds to many needy causes and this is what kept Marcel busy these days.
His other great love was spending time with the Epiphany stone and singing .The brothers of the Abbey loved Marcel dearly and turned a blind eye – but never an ear – to Marcel singing sweetly to himself in his room. What they couldn’t hear was James accompanying him inside his head in a glorious chorus.

Monday, August 30, 2010

Part 2 David

David had grown to love big business.
Not the money or the power just the machinations.
The brothers of the Abbey had taught him that those things were immaterial in the world, having a happy and busy mind was far rewarding.
David with the aid of the royalties from the short stint as a mega pop star had managed to grow St Benedict’s Brewery into the largest privately owned brewery in the world with exports to all corners of the world.

David had proven the quality did not have to suffer due to popularity and demand neither did the price. When greed was taken out of the equation David managed to explode many a deep seated view held by multinational companies that almost anything could be sacrificed for profit.

All signs of Edward Blanc had been systematically been purged from David since his transformation by the Epiphany stone. He was well aware of his second chance and the responsibilities he was given.
David loved his new life

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Part 1 A new Beginning 5 years later

Five years seemed to pass like water under the bridge. The world kept turning and old pop bands were replaced with new pop bands. Some went the way of the Dodo while others burnt so brightly their afterglow continued long after they stopped making music.
I.Q=∞’s fan base seemed to grow as the years passed, record sales were still healthy and the memorabilia market showed no signs of slowing down thanks to the ever resourceful Mr Sincerity and his Shidot label.

One of the many re-issues from Shidot Records

A statue commerating the bands popularity in a London park

One of the keys to the band’s beatlesque fame was due to their identities never being revealed, the bands unique style of music and the mystique surrounding their eventual break up and reclusive lifestyle.

Because of the nature of James’ disappearance and the reoccurring sightings reported in the tabloid press there was an ever present hope of one day the band reforming if he ever made his presence known.

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Part 47 - Epilogue Part One

· I.Q= ∞ disbanded after the incident at the party and the rest of the tour was canceled.
Marcel and David retired to the relative safety and obscurity of St Benedict’s Abbey. The papers still unable to find out the location of their sanctuary.
· Michael (Mr.) Blanc on his arrest freely admitted to the shooting murder of Hugh Jenning and there was no trial, Blanc also confessed to several other crimes willingly and authorities almost fell over themselves shutting down his empire on the information he gave.
Even though he helped law enforcement agencies with clear and precise instructions Mr. Blanc was still deemed to dangerous to be given a light sentence due to his self confessed implication in many murders and was sentenced to jail to be released on Her Majesty’s pleasure.
· Hugh Jenning’s technicians were all arrested and disappeared without trace along with the 3 Cray supercomputers. It is rumoured they are all in the employ of several government agencies or were dealt with severely if they didn’t give up their secrets.
· Hugh Jenning’s secrets as well as his aspirations died with him.
· Hugh Jenning’s New Era Group continued to make crap television shows.
New Eugenetics officially never existed – though it is rumoured to have a large underground but disorganized followings in Northern Europe and Central Africa.
· Mr. Sincerity and Shidot Records grew rich on repeated re-issues of I.Q=∞ material, also guaranteeing the continued wealth of the Abbey.
He tended to go a bit far with the merchandising but no one really stopped him.
He gained his place in music history as the discoverer of Monk Rock
· Keys from the Gare du Nord railway station in Paris when discovered they resembled the I.Q=∞ name become a red hot collectors item, forcing the Transport Authority to change the lockers.

· David, never followed the blanket coverage of his brothers deeds and never referred to himself as Edward ever again. He busied himself with the successful running of the St Benedict’s Brewery and devoting his life to the sanctuary of the Chapel and it’s many charities.
· James was never found or heard of again and because his identity was never discovered the search was never official started. Many a conspiracy theorist and rock fan bundled James in with the likes of fallen rock gods as Cobain, Hendrix, Morrison and Joplin, even (falsely) citing his age as 27, the magic age most rock legends pass on or disappear to an alternative life.
click on image for clearer view

· Missy Pheelyne left the groupie lifestyle behind and went to care for her ageing mother and eventually married a a man of the cloth.
· Boris was shot dead in a gang war related battle whilst in a power struggle with other crime syndicates fighting over the remnants of Mr. Blanc’s crumbling Empire.
Marcel – like David – retreated back to Abbey, where after one single dedicated to James stopped recording and performing outside the Abbey . He returned to his simple life.

How the Abbey and location of Marcel and David remained out of the attention of all the media , legal inquiries and others who searched for them was nothing short of miraculous.
Marcel would often sit in his little room and could be heard singing happily or praying or talking quite animatedly to himself. No one noticed the bright red stone sitting on his bedside table that he directed all this attention to.
They were just happy to have his wonderful cheery voice around the abbey.

The Epiphany stone watched and waited.

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Part 45 - The way things are & the way things should be.

When the Police were taking a handcuffed Mr. Blanc out to the vehicles, David and Marcel were in the ballroom awaiting clearance to leave; both had their hoods removed.
Mr.Blanc lifted his head as he passed and instantly recognized the Monk he suspected he knew.
“Edward?” he asked in disbelief.
“Michael I’m so sorry” said David/Edward.
Mr. Bland then recognized the epiphany stone in Marcel’s hand and everything made sense. The stories of the stone were true, he would never own it, it had used him.
“Don’t be Edward, it was how it was meant to be, I feel it’s found it’s true owner” he replied to Edward whilst nodding towards Marcel.
As Mr Blanc was taken outside Edward turned to Marcel confused and asked.
“What do think he meant Marcel?”
“I think your brother found penance for his sins David”
“Edward” David corrected
“No. David” Marcel said, and again he was.

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Part 44 - Clarity

As Mr Blanc listened to Hugh Jenning rant on about his plans for world domination, all he could think of was sitting with his Nanna with her wonderful sense of humour and the numbers on her forearm that she refused to cover up.
“These numbers are life’s greatest lesson my child” she would warn him before explaining to him why.
It was these memories that made Mr. Blanc pull out his Glock 9mm and blow Mr Jenning’s brains out.


Everybody in the adjoining room turned towards the sound of the gunfire, everyone except Marcel who stood stunned as he watched James vanishing into thin air right before his very eyes.


Tuesday, July 6, 2010

PArt 43 - The Revelation No. 2

Missy , who was at the party as Boris’ partner, was feeling rather bored up until the bands performance.
It was the first time she had actually viewed the band from the audience and she found her self transfixed.
Missy felt compelled to give them something as a thank you for making her feel so “new”.
When Missy got the opportunity she reached into her handbag and handed Marcel the Epiphany stone.

Marcel shine

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Part 42 - The Revelation

“Welcome Mr. Blanc, I assure you there is nothing wrong” said Hugh Jenning as Mr Blanc was ushered into Jenning’s huge parlour.
“What’s all this about then?” asked Blanc
“The answer to all your dreams that concern power and wealth Mr. Blanc” replied Jenning.
Hugh Jenning then went into great detail – the first time to a stranger- his entire plan for world population


Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Part 41 - The Performance

Mr Blanc was pleasantly surprised when he arrived at the post tour party with Boris and his partner, (some scrubber he picked up on tour no doubt) there was a air of sophistication about it all.
The guest list was just pages ripped out of “Who’s Who” .
There would be some good contacts here Mr. Blanc thought to himself.
After being at the party for a couple of minutes one thing became apparent.
Everyone had come to hear the “God boys” sing.
When the time came for their special performance the ballroom floor was a crush of tuxedos and evening gowns.

During the song performed by the band Mr Blanc found himself concentrating on the Monk named David, there was something about him Mr. Blanc found very familiar.
Mr Blanc focused on him so intensely that he didn’t notice the zombie like stupor of those surrounding him in the audience.
Hugh Jenning’s technicians pinpointed Mr. Blanc out as the only person in the ballroom not effected by the frequencies emitting from the bands altered equipment.
“that’s our guy” said Hugh Jenning and ordered his assistants to bring Mr. Blanc to his parlour.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Part 40 -Mr Blanc's invite

Mr Blanc was not overly impressed when he received an invite to Mr Hugh Jenning’s British Tour Party for I.Q= ∞. In his opinion Jenning was no better than he was; the only difference was Jenning got his money on a grander scale. They were essentially both thieves. Mr Blanc just considered Jennings a thief of people’s intellect.
Mr Blanc had no idea how close he was to the truth.
Another reason Mr Blanc wasn’t too keen to attend the party was because it was held in honour of the touring band I.Q=∞ . A pack of tea totalling God boys, he couldn’t see much happening in the way of fun there.

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Part 39 -Strange rumblings

Marcel first noticed something was seriously amiss when the band were on stage at Wembley.
“How is everyone?” he called and the crowd roared.
David moved to close to his microphone to ask Marcel the question “What are we doing next?”
And the crowd replied as one “ What ever you ask of us”

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Part 38 - The aspirations of Hugh Jenning

He’d done it, after all the years of research and study. Hugh Jenning and his technicians had isolated the frequency that affected a wide proportion of the population.
His theory had been proven.
All he had to do now was tos be patient and figure out how he was going to use this information.
He wasn’t going to kid himself and say it was for “the good of mankind”, he was going to do it the good of Hugh Jenning, potential God.

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Part 37 - Party Planning

When Hugh Jenning decided to throw a lavish party in London for the touring party and staff, it was also an excuse to get some of the people he thought would be beneficial to his cause.
The party would also be full of heads of Industry, Government and organized crime from all over Europe.
Sure some of them were criminals but he needed strong men without consciences to control those who got out of control. Greedy men who craved money and power. Men who knew the hierarchy of things . Men who knew what discipline and control meant. Men – who if things got out of hand wouldn’t let things like consciences get in the way.
A special one off performance was to be played by the band as a thank you for Jenning’s generosity.
He had deliberately planned the performance so he could monitor the more powerful people in the audience, something he planned to do o every continent. His aim: to search for people to be his Generals, Generals for his new world order.
The party would show him which ones where fit for his plan.

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Part 36- Touring

Marcel meets the Pope

Marcel had his biggest thrill when the band were invited to perform an unprecedented concert at St Peters Basilica.
Howls of protests came from all corners of the globe demanding they be removed from the bill, but when Pope Benedict XIV stepped in personally to say “He liked these boys” all arguments were silenced.
Marcel and the Pope exchanged autographs.

Later after the gig the Pope joined the band in a ” meet the audience ” walk.
David is caught on film here trying to pick His Holiness’ pocket for any good luck charms.

I.Q=∞ get some pointers

The boys from the group spent time with Paul Stanley and Gene Simmons from the rock band KISS learning hints and tricks to keep their identities safe from a prying public.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Part 35 - Beware of smiling stones in handbags

Even though she was Boris’ constant companion Missy rarely got to be within shouting distance of the other two Monks Marcel and James.

They had their own minders who were as protective of them as Boris was of David. It didn’t help that David was often doing paperwork or on the computer doing some sort of business while the other two tended to enjoy each others company.
Always singing or reading.
When even a few metres away Missy felt a great sense of calm wash over her, even more so that the stone was nestled in her bag.
Something she had seemed to forgotten she had and something it seemed Boris never seemed to know was missing.
Inside Missy’s bag the Epiphany stone was setting up it’s finale of it’s rock opera.

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Part 34 -Missy's discovery

Missy hadn’t managed to get close to the Monk David , he seemed totally consumed by other thoughts.
Probably praying thought Missy.
So Missy capitalized on the attention she was receiving from Boris , from that moment on she kept Boris company in his relatively easy job of minding David.
She suddenly became somebody again, Boris’ subordinates treating her very nicely in case they upset Boris.
Though Boris did his best to give as much attention to Missy as he could, he was ever vigilant of what and where the band members were constantly, and when he wasn’t doing that he was on the phone talking to his boss the mysterious Mr Blanc.
It was during one of these conversations when Boris had left the room to talk about some “issues” that Missy decided to look through Boris’ drawers to elevate the boredom. Hidden in a sock in the draw next to the bed she discovered the most glorious stone she had ever seen. Without thinking she picked up the stone and placed it in her handbag and waited for Boris to come back and smother her with attention.