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Monday, December 13, 2010

Part 17 Mr. Blanc's new life Part 1

Things like that happen when you have your own pet Prime Minister.
Mr. Blanc had managed to stay out of the limelight and the tabloid press with a combination of stealth, threats and new laws introduced by the present Parliament.
These laws forbid speculative stories by Fleet Street and a total banning of unauthorized photography outside registered and gazetted events. This of course crushed the Paparazzi and was hailed by the rich, powerful and most importantly famous, such as rock stars and movie stars. Though it was predicted it would kill the gossip Magazine industry it in actual fact brought more celebrities to Britain because of the powerful privacy laws. Which in turn forced all studios to present Cinema Premiers in London and other major towns because no one would go where the Paparazzi were tolerated.
It was a boom for fashion, style and trends in London and England became the centre of all things fashionable.
Mr.Blanc also reopened his security business and soon was the largest and most prestigious company offering protection to the rich and famous in Europe.
This also had it’s benefits because being this close to such people opened up a lot of doors and opportunities, especially those involving drugs, blackmail and theft.

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