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Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Part 37 - Party Planning

When Hugh Jenning decided to throw a lavish party in London for the touring party and staff, it was also an excuse to get some of the people he thought would be beneficial to his cause.
The party would also be full of heads of Industry, Government and organized crime from all over Europe.
Sure some of them were criminals but he needed strong men without consciences to control those who got out of control. Greedy men who craved money and power. Men who knew the hierarchy of things . Men who knew what discipline and control meant. Men – who if things got out of hand wouldn’t let things like consciences get in the way.
A special one off performance was to be played by the band as a thank you for Jenning’s generosity.
He had deliberately planned the performance so he could monitor the more powerful people in the audience, something he planned to do o every continent. His aim: to search for people to be his Generals, Generals for his new world order.
The party would show him which ones where fit for his plan.

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