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Monday, December 20, 2010

Part 18 Mr. Blanc's new life part 2

All of this building was part of Mr Blanc’s masterplan

MR. Blanc had now established where his brother was, it all came back not long after his release. Why or even how Edward had become a Monk and a singing one at that had confounded him at first.
He remembered the first time he had seen his brother after he had disappeared after using him to smuggle precious stones into the country.

And one precious stone in particular.

When Mr.Blanc’s mind finally connected the final piece of his memory puzzle he understood everything completely. He was well aware of the power the Epiphany Stone possessed and he had been a victim of his own greed and power. The way his brother looked through him the night he was arrested still sent chills up his spine. He knew that his brother was lost to him now and the Epiphany stone was behind all the good fortune that had bestowed Edward and the other Monks. He really only had one purpose now that overshadowed all his other plans.

Destroy the Epiphany Stone and anyone who got in his way to achieve this.

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