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Monday, September 6, 2010

Part 3 Marcel

Marcel had relished living in the Abbey, after his brief fling with fame he was happy to be back to do what he loved to most – sing and help others.

Many thought the departure of James would have torn young Marcel’s heart out with grief, but they weren’t aware Marcel had the secret revealed to him by the Epiphany stone.
Marcel probably was the only human who actually knew the secret of James disappearance and the role he played in history’s path through the power of the stone and he wasn’t in a hurry to tell anyone.
The money that the band and the brewery brought to the Abbey meant that it could provide assistance and funds to many needy causes and this is what kept Marcel busy these days.
His other great love was spending time with the Epiphany stone and singing .The brothers of the Abbey loved Marcel dearly and turned a blind eye – but never an ear – to Marcel singing sweetly to himself in his room. What they couldn’t hear was James accompanying him inside his head in a glorious chorus.

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