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Monday, August 30, 2010

Part 2 David

David had grown to love big business.
Not the money or the power just the machinations.
The brothers of the Abbey had taught him that those things were immaterial in the world, having a happy and busy mind was far rewarding.
David with the aid of the royalties from the short stint as a mega pop star had managed to grow St Benedict’s Brewery into the largest privately owned brewery in the world with exports to all corners of the world.

David had proven the quality did not have to suffer due to popularity and demand neither did the price. When greed was taken out of the equation David managed to explode many a deep seated view held by multinational companies that almost anything could be sacrificed for profit.

All signs of Edward Blanc had been systematically been purged from David since his transformation by the Epiphany stone. He was well aware of his second chance and the responsibilities he was given.
David loved his new life

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