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Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Part 15 - The ball starts rolling

Mr Sincerity sent a limousine to pick up Marcel, James and David and they immediately began work on the recording of their songs.
Marcel sang with James some old church standards also some melodies they had made up together.
David sat next to the engineer rubbing his hands together with a huge grin on his face.
When the singing had finished James listened to the vocal tracks then with David proceeded to tape the musical backing tracks.
David who had listened repeatedly to the original old reel to reel tapes knew what he wanted and asked James to play the most distorted fuzz filled chord progression to follow the vocal track. David matched the backing beats with the studio drum machine which he sped up and down depending on his mood.

The sound engineer acting as record Producer played around to clean up the sound and mixed it all together.
“Just like the old days” He was heard to remark “Record in the morning, mix in the afternoon, press at night on the radio next day. Sure beats dealing with these arty types who don’t usually have a song written when the come here”
Truer words could not be spoken because that’s exactly what happened.
Mr Sincerity was out spruiking the record as soon as he had a copy in his hands.

The brothers of the Abbey are recording their songs with no idea what the outcome will be or if it will be a complete folly.
Unearthly forces are planning otherwise.

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