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Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Part 16 - The band has a name Part 1

Mr Sincerity was out spruiking the record as soon as he had a copy in his hands.
Mr Sincerity was working like a man processed.
The record hadn’t even been pressed and was telling anyone who would listen that he had the future of popular music in his hands.
There was one small detail that Mr Sincerity had forgotten when he grabbed his copy and leapt in his car.
What was the name of the group? let alone the name of any the songs?
The first DJ he visited asked “Who were these people?”
Mr Sincerity answered without thinking (almost if guided by an inner voice)
“These guys are geniuses their I.Q is infinity……..uh……….. and that’s what we called them. I.Q equals infinity. It sounds smart and you can write it down in symbols to suit the texting teenagers of today.”
Thus the bands name was christened.


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