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Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Part 3 - In the beginning – Marcell

Marcel always wanted to live a pious life.
He grew up near the Abbey of St Benedict’s, was taught by it’s brothers and worshipped in it’s chapel. He often played in the grounds and volunteered his services to help in the gardens or the fields and when he was old enough he joined the Order.
Marcel had no theologian ambitions he was in love with his God and the atmosphere of the Abbey. Marcel loved the simple life. Marcel also loved to sing and every moment he had spare would be practising Gregorian chants with the other brothers or leading works songs in the fields picking the hops.

Sometimes Marcel singing rivaled St Francis of Assisi when came to calling on the birds and beasts

Marcel from his earliest memories wanted to live his life in the Monastery succumbing to a life of devotion.
The Lord blessed Marcel with the voice of an angel and sang every chance he could. Most times it had a calming effect on those around him.

Marcel was in the room leading singing practice the day James discovered the music room. Marcel was one of the brothers who discovered James and found the note clasped in his hand. Marcel hadn’t had the opportunity to talk to James since he had recovered and came back from the hospital, though he did intend to. The numbers and letters on the note which he read were tantalizing familiar to Marcel.


But when James played Marcel forgot all about the note and his heart filled with joy as the music James played entwined with his own voice to create something other-worldly. As James picked up a new instrument Marcel changed in pitch and tone in perfect synchronicity. It all came to a halt when James collapsed.
When it ended Marcel felt as if his heart had been squeezed.


1 comment:

Adelaide Dupont said...

Great story about Marcel and his love for the abbey, James and music.

The pictures are good too. Monks are satisfying to illustrate.