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Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Part 1 - In the beginning - David

David is hiding in the Monastery after stealing €500,000 worth of untraceable valuable stones from his employer Mr Blanc- a shady entrepreneur who dabbles in international conflict diamond smuggling.
There is now a contract on David’s head.
David did have a plan of escape – the only problem was – he formulated it while “off his head on acid”. This included hiding the stones in a locker somewhere.
Of course when he came down he had huge memory black outs of what he had done and these included where and what he did with the contraband and the key that released it..
All he has is a receipt with the writing:

Key 74071200– Locker 513.

The top of the receipt identifying the location had been ripped off.
When word had got out that David was responsible for the missing stones, Mr Blanc was furious that some lower level courier boy had stolen from him made it a high priority that David was wiped from the planet, whether he got back his diamonds or not.
David in a fit of panic thought of the least likely place Mr Blanc’s henchmen would find him.
David escaped to a Trappists Monastery in the French countryside The Abbey of the Righteous Order of St Benedict- where he was given sanctuary and he tried like mad to remember his Catholic upbringing.
David knew he would be safe living with the monks but wasn’t sure if death wasn’t a better option when boredom hit him an hour and a half after entering the grounds.
It wasn’t until he discovered the brewery that he found solace.
David liked home brew, David liked anything that gave him a buzz but he managed to find his chops working in the Monastery Brewery where he was forbidden to partake in excess amounts of tasting.
The brewery was a traditional operation and brought in much needed financial support for the Order by being a popular seller in the surrounding areas. It wasn’t long before David’s enterprising ways and the Order’s misguided trust in him led to David’s alternative business operations.
Of course a percentage always went back into the Monastery which was now his new home

1 comment:

Adelaide Dupont said...

Ooooooh. A contract on David's head! Makes me think of Roman times and everything.

And the valuable jewels ...