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Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Part 29 - Mr. Blanc's offer

Mr Blanc was worried – Edward had been missing now for six months. The fact that no one had contacted him about a ransom was no comfort, if that was the case at least he would know Edward was alive. He could do nothing but sit on his huge mounds of money and worry.
Mr Blanc had recently been approached by the NE Corporation to supply security for the upcoming I.Q=∞ tour. This seemed a bit odd to Mr Blanc as it wasn’t usually up to the sponsors of tours to handle these arrangements, they were the Promoters responsibility.
A representative of NE owner Hugh Jenning approached Mr Blanc saying he needed people who were serious and he heard Mr Blanc’s personnel were the best in the business and could keep their mouths shut. Mr Jenning wanted the members of the band and NE’s specialist equipment to be the direct responsibility of Mr Blanc himself and wanted absolutely nothing to come near either while on this tour. The money NE commissioned was extraordinary and it was an offer Mr Blanc would be a fool to turn down.
But Mr Blanc didn’t get where he was today by not being suspicious of all things gift wrapped in money, something was not kosher with all this.

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