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Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Part 7- Things start to take shape.

Things start to take shape.
James and Marcel became fast friends.
Both were in awe of each others talent.
They would practice singing together at every opportunity with James sometimes writing new things on the spot to challenge the mighty voice of Marcel.

David would lie under the open window in the garden outside the music room with other brothers.
While the other members of the order where delighting in the God given gifts of the voices emanating from the room David was calculating box office receipts and album sales.
David had managed to find an ancient reel-to-reel recording device in some of the donated goods that the townspeople often left in the cloister of the Abbey.
David prepared the recording device and used old reels of tape he found in the box with it.

Unknown to David it was a 4 track recording device. So while he taped the brothers singing – playing along side it were the contents of the original recording. Recordings of unknown French punk rock bands.
David in his haste quickly grabbed the tapes and gave them to one of the truck drivers who knew someone who could transfer the music onto CD.
What happened next was a comedy of errors that must have been directed by divine intervention..
The truck driver gave the tape to his son who knew a guy who worked in a commercial recording studio. The truck driver’s son said to the recording engineer if he transferred it to CD there was 4 dozen bottles of St Benedicts beer in it for him.
While the recording engineer transferred the tape with all tracks playing in unison, the head of Shidot Records came into the room: Mr Sincerity .

Mr Sincerity’s only claim to fame was the fact he discovered Plastic Bertrand back in 1977 and had been living off that glory ever since. He longed for another great discovery and when he heard the chants of Marcel and James mixed accidentally with the punk music his brain registered one sound only

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