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Friday, September 19, 2008

Disturbing News

In a shock decision Michael (MR) Blanc was released from Wordsworth Prison earlier today after only serving 5 years of term that was deemed on sentencing “At the Governors Pleasure”

Blanc’s imprisonment was terminated early due to no concrete evidence of any of his confessed crimes. Blanc was considered a marked man in prison due to all the associates he implicated in his crimes, many dying in prison themselves others murdered in the Great Overlord Battle that happened during Blanc’s trial which almost closed the city with its wanton display of violence when warring factions fought for control of the city in Blanc’s absence.

These incidents and the following period brought about an unprecedented drop in violent and property crime that has not been known for centuries.

The release of MR Blanc has put the general public on edge fearing his early release will revert the city back to the “Bad Old Days” The Prime Minister has been quoted as saying “Justice – even if you don’t agree with it – has been the winner here”

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