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Monday, February 28, 2011

Part 28 Missy/Boing

James led them to a cave and without hesitation walked in.
David and Marcel weren’t so confidant and held back.
“Don’t worry, it’s safe” called James and the other two reluctantly followed.
The small entrance opened up into a larger and somehow illuminated chamber.
It looked like it hadn’t been disturbed for some time.
Marcel wondered why such a shelter hadn’t been used, let alone discovered by the hordes of people living in tents and make shift shelters only a hundred metres away outside.
“It’s a special place Marcel” James said reading his thoughts.

“And also your final resting place” came a voice to there left, they all turned to face Mr.Blanc holding a rather large gun at them.
“I don’t think so” said James flatly.
“What gives you so much confidence James” Mr. Blanc emphasised the name James to highlight his awareness of James true being.

“Me” said a voice from behind Mr. Blanc and a loud clunk was heard. Mr. Blanc slumped to the ground to reveal Missy Pheelyne holding a large skillet.

Monday, February 21, 2011

Part 27 Revelations

Marcel was surprised at the poverty of the area James had taken David and himself even though the area looked green and lush. It proved deceptive because the rains had come late and the crops had failed. It was nothing like what he had seen on the Live Aid video from the 1980s.

“Don’t look so worried” said James to Marcel “Things will change. Do you know this is what they call the cradle of humanity?”

“No I didn’t” replied Marcel

‘Yes, mankind started his migration all around the world from this spot, it is like an epicentre of all things human, almost like ground zero. It is a place where things can happen- that change the entire turn of events for the whole planet”

“Did you know it was once called Abyssinia and even controlled Egypt during the Twenty Fifth Dynasty. Portugal, England, Italy, Germany, Russia and many others have tried to rule her but none succeeded even though She is considered one of the world’s poorest countries. It has also never been dominated by any one religion“

“I wonder why?” David said, more to join the conversation rather than being interested.

“Because I wouldn’t let them” replied James.

Monday, February 14, 2011

Part 26 The past is resurrected

The New Era had suffered greatly when it’s leader Hugh Jenning was assassinated by Mr. Blanc, but with the determination of his many lieutenants the organization regrouped in Northern Africa.

Recruiting from the many Right Wing extremists groups that had sprung up all over Europe the NE had swelled in numbers and kept a strategic base in Ethiopia. This was perfect for the Group as it had low to zero worries about government interference or surveillance from western governments.

New Era still held true all of Hugh Jenning’s beliefs and were going to restore order in Africa with visions of taking over the whole Northern half of the continent. It’s support was clandestine but powerful and it had two main agendas: White control of Africa and the eventual capture and trial of Michael (Mr.) Blanc assassin of their martyred leader Hugh Jenning.

Monday, February 7, 2011

Part 25 Previously...

Mr. Blanc had arrived in Ethiopia several days ahead of the band and was setting up his plans to take back and destroy the Epiphany Stone.
He was well aware of where it came from as he had spent years researching and had actually removed it from its resting place only to be used by the stone to further it’s own plans for humanity.
Mr. Blanc believed he could beat the E Stone.
Mr. Blanc had no idea how wrong he was.