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Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Part 37 - Party Planning

When Hugh Jenning decided to throw a lavish party in London for the touring party and staff, it was also an excuse to get some of the people he thought would be beneficial to his cause.
The party would also be full of heads of Industry, Government and organized crime from all over Europe.
Sure some of them were criminals but he needed strong men without consciences to control those who got out of control. Greedy men who craved money and power. Men who knew the hierarchy of things . Men who knew what discipline and control meant. Men – who if things got out of hand wouldn’t let things like consciences get in the way.
A special one off performance was to be played by the band as a thank you for Jenning’s generosity.
He had deliberately planned the performance so he could monitor the more powerful people in the audience, something he planned to do o every continent. His aim: to search for people to be his Generals, Generals for his new world order.
The party would show him which ones where fit for his plan.

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Part 36- Touring

Marcel meets the Pope

Marcel had his biggest thrill when the band were invited to perform an unprecedented concert at St Peters Basilica.
Howls of protests came from all corners of the globe demanding they be removed from the bill, but when Pope Benedict XIV stepped in personally to say “He liked these boys” all arguments were silenced.
Marcel and the Pope exchanged autographs.

Later after the gig the Pope joined the band in a ” meet the audience ” walk.
David is caught on film here trying to pick His Holiness’ pocket for any good luck charms.

I.Q=∞ get some pointers

The boys from the group spent time with Paul Stanley and Gene Simmons from the rock band KISS learning hints and tricks to keep their identities safe from a prying public.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Part 35 - Beware of smiling stones in handbags

Even though she was Boris’ constant companion Missy rarely got to be within shouting distance of the other two Monks Marcel and James.

They had their own minders who were as protective of them as Boris was of David. It didn’t help that David was often doing paperwork or on the computer doing some sort of business while the other two tended to enjoy each others company.
Always singing or reading.
When even a few metres away Missy felt a great sense of calm wash over her, even more so that the stone was nestled in her bag.
Something she had seemed to forgotten she had and something it seemed Boris never seemed to know was missing.
Inside Missy’s bag the Epiphany stone was setting up it’s finale of it’s rock opera.

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Part 34 -Missy's discovery

Missy hadn’t managed to get close to the Monk David , he seemed totally consumed by other thoughts.
Probably praying thought Missy.
So Missy capitalized on the attention she was receiving from Boris , from that moment on she kept Boris company in his relatively easy job of minding David.
She suddenly became somebody again, Boris’ subordinates treating her very nicely in case they upset Boris.
Though Boris did his best to give as much attention to Missy as he could, he was ever vigilant of what and where the band members were constantly, and when he wasn’t doing that he was on the phone talking to his boss the mysterious Mr Blanc.
It was during one of these conversations when Boris had left the room to talk about some “issues” that Missy decided to look through Boris’ drawers to elevate the boredom. Hidden in a sock in the draw next to the bed she discovered the most glorious stone she had ever seen. Without thinking she picked up the stone and placed it in her handbag and waited for Boris to come back and smother her with attention.