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Monday, April 25, 2011

Part 36 The roar of screaming jets

Mr Blanc. waited.

His throbbing head dulled by the fear of the rifles aimed at him from ten paces by four New Era Militiamen.

For a few seconds he heard the screaming roar of the fighter jet

then nothing

ever again.


Monday, April 18, 2011

Part 35 Caught

Mr. Blanc couldn’t believe Hollowman wouldn’t take his call but was more surprised when the New Era slammed his rifle butt into the side of Blanc’s head.
Mr.Blanc awoke and found he was tied to a tree in a field. A soldier was standing above him and reading out a list of crimes.
“What’s going on here you morons” he asked.
“Welcome to your trial, judgment and execution Mr. Blanc” replied the soldier.

Monday, April 11, 2011

Part 34 Relief

Minister Hollowman was sitting at his desk deep in thought while several of his Military Advises awaited his decision. It was a tough one, many lives would be lost but it would be the purpose of a freer world.

“Sir” one of the General’s said “News just in – It seems all the local population have moved out of the target area, that should cut our loses substantially”

“Yes” said The Prime Minister perhaps a little too excitedly. “New Era and Blanc in the same place, no one would criticize us for taking out that garbage – Go ahead gentlemen- do your duty”

Prime Minister Hollowman felt a huge weight lift from atop his shoulders.

Monday, April 4, 2011

Part 33 Means to an end

Mr. Blanc looked up from untying his legs and saw the others had left he ran towards the cave opening and stopped dead in his tracks as he came face to face with the familiar uniforms of the New Era Militiamen, he quickly bolted back into the cave and dialed the satellite phone.

Prime Minister Hollowman felt he had been the Devil’s pawn for too long, he had felt filthy and depressed ever since he had won the election.
The spectre of Mr.Blanc shadowed his entire life and he couldn’t take it any more. He had used his country’s resources for this mad man and it wouldn’t be long before he became so entrenched in his doings that he just couldn’t live with himself anymore.
His soul felt stained.

But this morning something changed.

Much to his own relief, PM Hollowman had woken up this morning with a new lease on his own destiny and felt strongly that the only way to get rid of Mr. Blanc out of his own life was to meet him head on.
Then he really did believe he could make a great Prime Minister for his country.

The new intelligence report from MI6 this morning had been nothing short of prophetic and would be the answer to all his payers. He ordered all local support for Mr. Blanc pulled immediately and unconditionally.

It was when he put the notes down that his assistant said Mr.Blanc was making an emergency call from Africa.