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Monday, August 30, 2010

Part 2 David

David had grown to love big business.
Not the money or the power just the machinations.
The brothers of the Abbey had taught him that those things were immaterial in the world, having a happy and busy mind was far rewarding.
David with the aid of the royalties from the short stint as a mega pop star had managed to grow St Benedict’s Brewery into the largest privately owned brewery in the world with exports to all corners of the world.

David had proven the quality did not have to suffer due to popularity and demand neither did the price. When greed was taken out of the equation David managed to explode many a deep seated view held by multinational companies that almost anything could be sacrificed for profit.

All signs of Edward Blanc had been systematically been purged from David since his transformation by the Epiphany stone. He was well aware of his second chance and the responsibilities he was given.
David loved his new life

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Part 1 A new Beginning 5 years later

Five years seemed to pass like water under the bridge. The world kept turning and old pop bands were replaced with new pop bands. Some went the way of the Dodo while others burnt so brightly their afterglow continued long after they stopped making music.
I.Q=∞’s fan base seemed to grow as the years passed, record sales were still healthy and the memorabilia market showed no signs of slowing down thanks to the ever resourceful Mr Sincerity and his Shidot label.

One of the many re-issues from Shidot Records

A statue commerating the bands popularity in a London park

One of the keys to the band’s beatlesque fame was due to their identities never being revealed, the bands unique style of music and the mystique surrounding their eventual break up and reclusive lifestyle.

Because of the nature of James’ disappearance and the reoccurring sightings reported in the tabloid press there was an ever present hope of one day the band reforming if he ever made his presence known.

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Part 47 - Epilogue Part One

· I.Q= ∞ disbanded after the incident at the party and the rest of the tour was canceled.
Marcel and David retired to the relative safety and obscurity of St Benedict’s Abbey. The papers still unable to find out the location of their sanctuary.
· Michael (Mr.) Blanc on his arrest freely admitted to the shooting murder of Hugh Jenning and there was no trial, Blanc also confessed to several other crimes willingly and authorities almost fell over themselves shutting down his empire on the information he gave.
Even though he helped law enforcement agencies with clear and precise instructions Mr. Blanc was still deemed to dangerous to be given a light sentence due to his self confessed implication in many murders and was sentenced to jail to be released on Her Majesty’s pleasure.
· Hugh Jenning’s technicians were all arrested and disappeared without trace along with the 3 Cray supercomputers. It is rumoured they are all in the employ of several government agencies or were dealt with severely if they didn’t give up their secrets.
· Hugh Jenning’s secrets as well as his aspirations died with him.
· Hugh Jenning’s New Era Group continued to make crap television shows.
New Eugenetics officially never existed – though it is rumoured to have a large underground but disorganized followings in Northern Europe and Central Africa.
· Mr. Sincerity and Shidot Records grew rich on repeated re-issues of I.Q=∞ material, also guaranteeing the continued wealth of the Abbey.
He tended to go a bit far with the merchandising but no one really stopped him.
He gained his place in music history as the discoverer of Monk Rock
· Keys from the Gare du Nord railway station in Paris when discovered they resembled the I.Q=∞ name become a red hot collectors item, forcing the Transport Authority to change the lockers.

· David, never followed the blanket coverage of his brothers deeds and never referred to himself as Edward ever again. He busied himself with the successful running of the St Benedict’s Brewery and devoting his life to the sanctuary of the Chapel and it’s many charities.
· James was never found or heard of again and because his identity was never discovered the search was never official started. Many a conspiracy theorist and rock fan bundled James in with the likes of fallen rock gods as Cobain, Hendrix, Morrison and Joplin, even (falsely) citing his age as 27, the magic age most rock legends pass on or disappear to an alternative life.
click on image for clearer view

· Missy Pheelyne left the groupie lifestyle behind and went to care for her ageing mother and eventually married a a man of the cloth.
· Boris was shot dead in a gang war related battle whilst in a power struggle with other crime syndicates fighting over the remnants of Mr. Blanc’s crumbling Empire.
Marcel – like David – retreated back to Abbey, where after one single dedicated to James stopped recording and performing outside the Abbey . He returned to his simple life.

How the Abbey and location of Marcel and David remained out of the attention of all the media , legal inquiries and others who searched for them was nothing short of miraculous.
Marcel would often sit in his little room and could be heard singing happily or praying or talking quite animatedly to himself. No one noticed the bright red stone sitting on his bedside table that he directed all this attention to.
They were just happy to have his wonderful cheery voice around the abbey.

The Epiphany stone watched and waited.