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Monday, December 27, 2010

Part 19 Mr. Sincerity's worries

“What on earth are you touring central Africa for?”

Mr Sincerity was pacing his office talking a bit too loudly at the speaker phone. No matter how urgent or private he could never bring himself to actually sit down and pick up the receiver.

“Have you any idea the cost of such an exercise, let alone the danger and for what? Small crowds and a loss on every country visited. Can’t we at least include South Africa into the Itinerary to make up our losses?”

There was no reply forthcoming from the telephone speaker that had been taped together from the times Mr Sincerity had thrown it on the floor in the last couple of days. It was currently screwed to his very expensive desk.

“Hello” Mr Sincerity asked after a couple more seconds of silence. He started to fret had he gone too far this time with his tone and frustration.

“Are you finished Mr Sincerity?” came a calm voice.

“James” thought Mr Sincerity , why couldn’t it be David. At least David knew how to make a dollar or two. “Yes, sorry James it’s just frustrating, I’m in the business of making money not charity like you.”

“No one loses here Mr Sincerity, you have my word on that. There is a bigger picture to view here and I remind you to keep that in mind”

There was a click over the speaker signaling the end of the teleconference.
Mr Sincerity felt both dread and confidant. A strange combination. James’ words made him feel as if everything was going to be fine, how did he convey that calming effect over a piece of wire and a speaker, but just as worrying was the warning at the end, it carried its own measure of menace.

What was so damn important about touring Africa?

Monday, December 20, 2010

Part 18 Mr. Blanc's new life part 2

All of this building was part of Mr Blanc’s masterplan

MR. Blanc had now established where his brother was, it all came back not long after his release. Why or even how Edward had become a Monk and a singing one at that had confounded him at first.
He remembered the first time he had seen his brother after he had disappeared after using him to smuggle precious stones into the country.

And one precious stone in particular.

When Mr.Blanc’s mind finally connected the final piece of his memory puzzle he understood everything completely. He was well aware of the power the Epiphany Stone possessed and he had been a victim of his own greed and power. The way his brother looked through him the night he was arrested still sent chills up his spine. He knew that his brother was lost to him now and the Epiphany stone was behind all the good fortune that had bestowed Edward and the other Monks. He really only had one purpose now that overshadowed all his other plans.

Destroy the Epiphany Stone and anyone who got in his way to achieve this.

Monday, December 13, 2010

Part 17 Mr. Blanc's new life Part 1

Things like that happen when you have your own pet Prime Minister.
Mr. Blanc had managed to stay out of the limelight and the tabloid press with a combination of stealth, threats and new laws introduced by the present Parliament.
These laws forbid speculative stories by Fleet Street and a total banning of unauthorized photography outside registered and gazetted events. This of course crushed the Paparazzi and was hailed by the rich, powerful and most importantly famous, such as rock stars and movie stars. Though it was predicted it would kill the gossip Magazine industry it in actual fact brought more celebrities to Britain because of the powerful privacy laws. Which in turn forced all studios to present Cinema Premiers in London and other major towns because no one would go where the Paparazzi were tolerated.
It was a boom for fashion, style and trends in London and England became the centre of all things fashionable.
Mr.Blanc also reopened his security business and soon was the largest and most prestigious company offering protection to the rich and famous in Europe.
This also had it’s benefits because being this close to such people opened up a lot of doors and opportunities, especially those involving drugs, blackmail and theft.

Monday, December 6, 2010

Part 16 Getting ready to tour

The boys have to brush off the cobwebs before they tour.
The irony is that they are touring places where their records never sold or where never released.