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Monday, September 27, 2010

Part 6 Introducing Prime Minister Hollowman

w Prime Minister had romped in the election not on policy or popularity but on the basis that the former government was hated for its unpopular policies and arrogant attitude.
A toy puppet could have been elected and in some cases this was true of the new Prime Minister.

Having started his political career in the more militant unions he was always going to be exposed to some criminal element. Mr Blanc had helped the Prime Minister in his early years sometimes to cover up some minor indiscretions that could hurt his ambitions, of course these all came at a price.

The Prime Minister was had gone on to fulfill his goals but in reality he was an empty soul who stood for nothing, he loved the attention and the perks the powerful position was not what he craved it was the fact he could do it.

Mr Blanc was a man of vision and very patient but he also remembered who owed what and he knew exactly when he was ready to call in a favour.

The Prime Minister had no idea his debt was soon to be called in.

An early suppressed picture of Prime Minister Hollowman and Mr. Blanc prior to the events that led to their ascension and fall.

Monday, September 20, 2010

Part 5 Mr. Blanc

Mr Blanc wasn’t quite sure when he started to feel less dull and listless, it was a gradual dawning.
With every day he asked himself with more conviction.

“Why am I here? Why have I done this to myself?”

He was aware of his situation and knew he needed the protection that his solitary confinement gave him. There were many a crim in here who would give anything for five minutes alone with the world’s greatest supergrass.

He knew he had to wait, think clearly, gather strength and most of all plan.

Interesting developments had started to dribble in via his cell television and with it the fierce anger of recovering 5 years stolen from him by one bad decision.
As the thick cloud cleared that seemed to hide his emotions and memory, he thought of his brother Edward , he knew he had disappeared but he was sure they were reunited briefly, he also had nagging thoughts about red stones but most of all he thought about putting a bullet in Hugh Jenning’s head.

Why? He kept asking himself. Sure he was a nut case but there was a lot of money to be made with that guy. If he had wanted to get rid of him there were a dozen people at his beck and call that he only had to snap his fingers to accomplish that.

As every day passed Mr. Blanc’s mind grew clearer and he became angrier and started to formulate his revenge.

Monday, September 13, 2010

Part 4 The Epiphany Stone - an explanation

The Epiphany Stone had done its task and was happy that the natural course of events where heading in the line they were supposed to.

After all that ‘s what it’s job was – to correct anomalies in the path.
Hugh Jenning was one of these.

An individual with the power and influence to steer the course of history in a way that upset the guiding light, it had happened many times in the history of the world.
Napoleon was one, Alexander another. These last 200 years had thrown up far too many.
These Europeans were not as civilised as the made themselves out to be.
Sometimes it was the lesser of two evils – Hitler over Mussolini for instance.

The world would never know the alternative, and for this they should be grateful.
There were many hints in the past and also written records that the Epiphany stone existed, to many it was a myth or a conspiracy theory, but to those in power it was a cold hard fact that it was the ultimate weapon and to control it was to control the destiny of Mankind.
This time the conspiracies theorists were right, the governments of the world did suppress it’s existence but no one really did know much about it.
The Epiphany stone was a force upon itself.

Examples of ancient art depicting the Epiphany stone with great leaders and great battles.
Many of these have been hidden from historians and suppressed by the Governments, Kings and Tyrants through the ages.

Monday, September 6, 2010

Part 3 Marcel

Marcel had relished living in the Abbey, after his brief fling with fame he was happy to be back to do what he loved to most – sing and help others.

Many thought the departure of James would have torn young Marcel’s heart out with grief, but they weren’t aware Marcel had the secret revealed to him by the Epiphany stone.
Marcel probably was the only human who actually knew the secret of James disappearance and the role he played in history’s path through the power of the stone and he wasn’t in a hurry to tell anyone.
The money that the band and the brewery brought to the Abbey meant that it could provide assistance and funds to many needy causes and this is what kept Marcel busy these days.
His other great love was spending time with the Epiphany stone and singing .The brothers of the Abbey loved Marcel dearly and turned a blind eye – but never an ear – to Marcel singing sweetly to himself in his room. What they couldn’t hear was James accompanying him inside his head in a glorious chorus.