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Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Part 16 - The band has a name Part 1

Mr Sincerity was out spruiking the record as soon as he had a copy in his hands.
Mr Sincerity was working like a man processed.
The record hadn’t even been pressed and was telling anyone who would listen that he had the future of popular music in his hands.
There was one small detail that Mr Sincerity had forgotten when he grabbed his copy and leapt in his car.
What was the name of the group? let alone the name of any the songs?
The first DJ he visited asked “Who were these people?”
Mr Sincerity answered without thinking (almost if guided by an inner voice)
“These guys are geniuses their I.Q is infinity……..uh……….. and that’s what we called them. I.Q equals infinity. It sounds smart and you can write it down in symbols to suit the texting teenagers of today.”
Thus the bands name was christened.


Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Part 15 - The ball starts rolling

Mr Sincerity sent a limousine to pick up Marcel, James and David and they immediately began work on the recording of their songs.
Marcel sang with James some old church standards also some melodies they had made up together.
David sat next to the engineer rubbing his hands together with a huge grin on his face.
When the singing had finished James listened to the vocal tracks then with David proceeded to tape the musical backing tracks.
David who had listened repeatedly to the original old reel to reel tapes knew what he wanted and asked James to play the most distorted fuzz filled chord progression to follow the vocal track. David matched the backing beats with the studio drum machine which he sped up and down depending on his mood.

The sound engineer acting as record Producer played around to clean up the sound and mixed it all together.
“Just like the old days” He was heard to remark “Record in the morning, mix in the afternoon, press at night on the radio next day. Sure beats dealing with these arty types who don’t usually have a song written when the come here”
Truer words could not be spoken because that’s exactly what happened.
Mr Sincerity was out spruiking the record as soon as he had a copy in his hands.

The brothers of the Abbey are recording their songs with no idea what the outcome will be or if it will be a complete folly.
Unearthly forces are planning otherwise.

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Part 14 -David convinces the others

“I could never leave the Abbey” Marcel sat shaking his head
David knew this would be his first reaction.
“No one said anything about leaving the Abbey indefinitely Marcel” said David “It’s only so we can record some songs maybe tour about and use that freedom and may I add free travel to figure out our real purpose”
This made Marcel look up and take notice
“What real purpose David?”
“The notes James and I carry around haven’t you ever wondered why we carry them and what they me?
“Well.. Actually, yes I do” replied Marcel
“Well so do we Marcel. James and I don’t have a clue why we have them. It’s eating at our souls, we need to find out”
“What note David?” James who was sitting in the corner observing David suddenly asked.
“This one” and David handed James the ripped receipt with the key and locker numbers.
“Notice anything similar?”
“James studied the David’s piece of paper intensely then turned and handed it and his own note to Marcel.
“He has a point Marcel”
Marcel studied the notes and looked over at David.
“I’ve always felt something familiar with these letters and numbers, if James thinks it’s important I will go” Marcel said
“I think its important Marcel, I’ve grown to love the Abbey and consider it my home now but something in my dreams and my very being gnaws at me to answer this riddle” said James taking the note back off Marcel.
Inside his head David was doing a merry jig.
“What do we need to do David?” Marcel asked.
David had it all planned and explained his course of action.
David would join them as Manager/member. He would take care of the organizing.
The brothers wouldn’t even have to show their faces, this way the general public wouldn’t trace them back to the Abbey and then cause problems for St Benedict’s.
David was an expert at double dealing, everything he said to Marcel and James was also in his best interest though in a different context to theirs.
David – who always had an aptitude with machines -was more than willing to look after the tape side of things if James wanted to play on the backing tracks.
David offered to play some violin but it was discovered he was terrible.
James listened to the backing tapes and his musical ear instantly identified all instruments regardless of distortion and even commented how many were out of tune and off key.
James approached David in regard to the backing tracks and expressed concern if Marcel (though he had a mighty voice) could compete with this noise and whether he could actually sing with it. James said he was having a difficult time himself.
David had already thought this problem through.
His solution: earphones with low organ piped in to the same time as the music.
Marcel and James would be singing to one thing while what was being heard would be totally different. Genius.
Leaving the Abbey was never a problem as none of the Brothers were compelled in any way to stay within its walls as none were studying for the priesthood. It took David little under ten minutes to convince the Deacon of the Abbey that it would be in everybody’s best interests when he showed him Mr. Sincerity’s projected sales and marketing charts.
The boys were off to the studio.

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Part 13 -Mr. Sincerity & David's dilemma

Mr .Sincerity sought out David through the Engineer and arranged a meeting.
He was shocked when David arrived at the meeting dressed in his monk robes complete with hood covering his face.
Mr. Sincerity explained the importance of his record company SHIDOT PRODUCTIONS signing the group of musicians he heard on the tape.
TO Mr. Sincerity it was the greatest thing to happen to popular music in last 5 years.
The more Mr. Sincerity raved, the more ideas and solutions to potential problems bounced around inside his head.
They could be rich, powerful and popular except for some important points.
Marcel and James would never leave the Abbey.
The additional track was not even them playing.
How would David incorporate himself into the group?
How would they stay anonymous?
How would he make all this work?
After the meeting with Mr.. Sincerity of Shidot Records David started researching all his options.
Mr. Sincerity had asked how many were in the group? David couldn’t tell him two marvelous voices and an ancient backing tape.
Did they have an angle? He thought the outfits were a nifty marketing angle.
Did they have more material? He could arrange studio time at a moments notice.
All these problems were of no major concern to David because coming from the back of his mind was one over riding sound:
He’d find a way.

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Part 12 -The hidden message in the notes. What do the notes mean?

James note was found clasped in his hand when he was discovered unconscious on the Abbey grounds by Marcel.
The message seemed somewhat to familiar to Marcel.
To James it meant nothing since he had lost all recollection of his past life.
It didn’t stop him from having recurring dreams about it.

When David woke up he had a massive headache and no recollection of what he had done with the stones.
In his pocket he found a ripped note.
His only clue to what he may have done with the contraband.
Why couldn’t he remember?
David will recognize the similarity of the notes and convince James to record and go on to tour to help discover who he really is and what his real purpose in life is?
Marcel will hopelessly follow.